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nousIt was in 1981, after travels around the world, that we discovered Anilac one beautiful September morning. The impressive Mont Valier before us, majestic and imposing, flooded with the first rays of the sun, its feet in a sea of clouds and around us the hamlet of Anilac, abandoned and practically in ruins. It was love at first sight.

There followed forty years of enormous work to restore a part of the hamlet and the garden. A life of labour but happy and peaceful. We still rise some mornings and instantly reach for the camera in order to immortalise these magical moments.

Our little corner of paradise has no pesticides or insecticides, which means that many animals and plants can find refuge here: salamanders, squirrels, roe deer, lizards, numerous birds, etc.
For garden lovers, Anilac is embellished with around forty rose bushes and numerous plants and shrubs to delight our eyes every season.

We have never regretted our decision to buy this enchanting place.


-- Yvelise and Peter Tschierschke

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Peter & Yvelise Tschierschke
Anilac • 09140 Oust • France
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